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On Point Wildlife Pricing

Pricing for Animal Removal in Brevard County and Indian River County

Due to the high amount of uncertainties that come into play when removing animals from peoples home and properties, it is virtually impossible to have a “black & white” price, or to even be able to give an estimate over the phone, that is why we offer free, residential inspections Monday – Friday 7am-5pm. If you would like an after hours call, or inspection we are also available, however there is a flat $289 service fee, that will be credited into the purchase price if services are bought from us.

Commercial inspections are also available, “multi family” or large inspections, will require an inspection fee, that will also be credited towards services sold.

Variables that come into play, that we cannot control, that effect the pricing include

  • Material, height and pitch of roof – (Shingles, Tile, flat or steep roof, how many stories?)
  • Amount of openings to fix and seal, severity and difficulty in getting to said areas.
  • Degree of animal problem and infestation – how many rats do you have in your attic? How many armadillos are in your yard digging holes?
  • Mess they leave behind, how much feces is there to clean out of the insulation, did they reproduce in the attic, are your rafters and soffit full of toxic bat guano? All these have an effect on the price.

Outside Trapping is a common call we get, that we can give a fairly accurate quote for however. If you have a raccoon coming into your yard at night to get a late night snack in your trash cans, or a pesky armadillo digging holes under your foundation, we can trap and remove it.

Trapping for outdoor animals can be tricky, and we cannot offer a guarantee on capturing them for several reasons. The animals could get spooked and never come back, they could get hit by a car, killed by another predator, etc.

Our standard “outdoor animal trapping” removal service starts at $489 for a week of trapping. During that time period we will come out on Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays to check and reset/rebait the traps.

We do not trap or relocate the following animals

Please call Florida Wildlife Commission or the local Humane Society


Humane Society




Humane Society


Google “Hog Trapper in (your city)”

For your average “noises in attic” type of problem, just give us a call and we will come to your home, usually same day, and perform a full inspection and give you a free estimate.
Unfortunately there is never a “ball park” price, since every situation is different. We cannot give quotes over the phone.

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