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Animal Removal Service in Waterford Lakes, FL

Professional and Licensed Animal Trapping

Looking for Waterford Lakes wildlife removal services? Here at On Point Wildlife Removal, we know exactly what you are going through when animals have invaded your home. As a local family owned and operated Waterford Lakes wildlife control company, we know what it’s like to worry about the safety of our kids and pets when removing wildlife. With the individual needs of every family hitting so close to home for us, we put an extreme emphasis on speed, efficiency and safety. We are here for you no matter if your problem is a dead animal stinking up your home, a skunk that’s fallen down a window well, squirrels dashing across your attic or you have a rat that is just too smart to trap. You will always be greeted by knowledgeable friendly voice on the other end of the line.

We are the highest rated wildlife control and ADC (animal damage control) business in Brevard and Indian River Counties, our customer reviews speak volumes about how hard we work to satisfy each and every customer that is faced with a pest issue. Starting from our full home inspection process, we find every area of the home that has been breached, or is vulnerable and also document any areas that can allow critters to access areas of entry. Once we perform an full inspection, if there is a critter issue, we will find it. Removing wild animals should always be done by a professional that is fully trained to properly handle wildlife. Before you hire a company to work on or in your home, don’t allow any services to start before you read documentation that states the technician providing the services is licensed and insured. Cat, dog and domestic animal care and control is provided by The Brevard Humane Society, they can be reached at – (321) 636-3343

Roof Rat Control Service in Waterford Lakes, FL

Rat Removal Experts

  • Rat Exclusion
  • Rodent Proofing
  • Rat Extermination

There are two different, common, species of rat in the Waterford Lakes Florida area, luckily rat removal is the same. The Roof Rat, and the Norwegian Rat (or Norway Rat). The roof rat, is by far the most common rat in attics that we encounter. I would guess that about 80% of our wildlife control calls are for rats, and every time people always ask “why me”? While there are things you can do to lower your odds of attracting rats, a lot of it is just luck. Fortunately we are very good at rat removal in Waterford Lakes Florida. A full grown, 18 inch rat only needs a nickel size hole to get its entire body through. They can tread water for 3 days, and hold their breath underwater for over 3 minutes. Rats are truly amazing, and adaptable creatures, but we don’t want them in our homes! We get great pride in removing rats from your attics and homes!

Our approach to getting rid of rats is much different than the approach of a pest control company. We do not use poisons, glue traps or bait blocks. Contrary to what most pest control technicians may say, rats do not leave the home for water and die outside. Even if this were the case, this can cause a chain reaction if a cat, dog or bird of prey eats this poisoned rat. We use rat traps to remove rats from attics, quickly and safely. Call us today with any questions regarding rat control services.

Raccoon Trapping Service in Waterford Lakes, FL

Humane Raccoon Removal

  • Raccoon Feces Clean Up
  • Raccoon Damage Repairs
  • Baby Raccoon Removal

You may be looking for “raccoon removal Waterford Lakes” if nuisance raccoons tearing up your attic and making disturbing noises at night. Raccoons in the attic are a serious problem. They can tear into the attic through your roof in less than an hour, which in turn can cause serious water damage to your home and attic insulation. If they are ripping open a soffit, they can gain entry to an attic in under 60 seconds depending on the home. The trouble doesn’t end with entry either, if a raccoon gets inside, your attic insulation will be destroyed in a matter of days just from them trailing back and forth. This is a huge issue with energy costs with Florida eat. It’s estimated that bad insulation in the attic can double or triple your energy costs. In addition to this, raccoon feces is toxic as well as containing parasites called raccoon roundworm which can potentially be fatal. 6 out of 10 raccoons carry this parasite internally, the eggs can lie dormant for 5-7 years and can only be destroyed by fire. When a human or pet is infected by this parasite, unfortunately it’s usually only when blindness sets in when it’s figured out that it’s roundworms causing the sickness.

We have professional Waterford Lakes raccoon removal experts on our wildlife control team who know exactly how to deal with these issues safely, have your animal damages repaired and back to normal. We provide guaranteed raccoon exclusion services to ensuring raccoons can no longer take advantage of old entry points or vulnerable areas of the home. For the attic damage, our staff handles the complete cleanup and restoration with full attic insulation clean outs from start to finish. Many times the attic restoration is covered by homeowners insurance policies. If you would like to get rid of a raccoon or have any questions, give us a call today.

Bat Exclusion Service in Waterford Lakes, FL

Effective Bat Removal From Attics

  • Bat Exclusion From Attics
  • Humane Bat Removal
  • Guaranteed Bat Proofing Services
  • Quality Home Bat Inspections

Are you in need of professional bat removal in Waterford Lakes Florida? Do you see bats flying around your gutters, soffits, vents or roof line? Or even worse have they moved into your attic? Does your house or attic smell of ammonia? There are specific signs of bats making a home inside of your attic including grease marks or urine staining around entry points, strong ammonia odor due to urine and guano build up, visible guano in the attic or stuck around entry points and of course random bats making their way into the living quarters of your house.

We offer our professional services to provide you with efficient bat control, guano removal and exclusion services. According to federal law bats can only be removed during a particular times of the year as they are protected during bat maternity season, so please be aware of attempting to get rid of bats yourself without knowing the federal laws protecting them. After our bat exclusion service is completed, we then proceed with the bat droppings removal, attic restoration and clean out all of your damaged attic insulation.

Did you know that bat droppings carry a spore that can cause a lung disease if inhaled? This disease is called histoplasmosis and is also found in pigeon droppings. The spores that are inhaled to cause this are called histoplasma capsulatum. Because these spores are inhaled from the air bar guano should never be swept up or vacuumed with out HEPA filtration to prevent kicking the spores up distributing them into the air. 

Squirrel Control Service in Waterford Lakes, FL

Squirrel Removal From Attics

Are you in need of Waterford Lakes squirrel removal help? Squirrels in attics can truly be a nightmare for any resident, both homeowner and renter. The running and noise heard over head can become very obnoxious, especially if they are active at night disrupting your sleep. The gnawing from squirrels on wires in an attic are extremely dangerous as well, as rodents are a major contributor to home and business fires, over 30k annually.  Squirrel removal from attics with live trapping methods is the best humane route to take. Every approach we take to rid attics of squirrels is always done in the most humane manner possible. Our squirrel trappers are fully licensed and experienced to deal with all issues that are brought about.

Just like raccoons, squirrels can and will smash and crush attic insulation ruining its insulation properties causing energy costs to rise up to  in the heat of Florida’s summers. Aside from just gnawing wires, squirrels will also tear apart wall insulation for nesting material and gnaw wood or stored items in the attic. When a squirrel has decided to take up residence in an attic, the clock starts ticking as the damages they cause mount up by the hour. If you know that you have squirrels in the attic or think you may have them, just give us a call today. We will gladly assist you in squirrel removal Waterford Lakes.

Snake Removal Service in Waterford Lakes, FL

Get Rid Of Snakes Today!

Are you looking for professional snake removal services in Waterford Lakes Florida? We offer snake removal for all snake species in the Brevard County and Indian River County areas including the following venomous species.

  • Copperhead
  • Rattlesnakes
  • Cottonmouth / Water Moccasin
  • Pygmy Rattle Snake
  • Coral Snake

driving directions from On Point Wildlife Removal to Melbourne FloridaFlorida is home to a number of snake species. There are 45 species of snakes that can be found in the state. There is no doubt that the sight of a snake is enough to send a chill through your spine, but the majority of the snake species that are encountered are actually quite harmless. Even snakes that are venomous, can be harmless if left alone at a safe distance. Most snakes only bite as a defensive tactic. In some cases however, water moccasins have been known to chase people. 

The venomous snakes in Florida can be categorized into two: Elapidae and Crotalidae also commonly referred to as pit vipers. The difference between the two types is the kind of effect their venom has on the human body. Elapidae venom is neurotoxic. This means that it affects the nervous system, and can be so dangerous as to cause paralysis and even death. The most common member of the Elapidae family in Florida is the Coral snake. The venom of pit vipers, on the other hand, is haemotoxic. It destroys the red blood cells and also causes damage to blood vessels.

If you need venomous snake removal our Waterford Lakes wildlife removal technician are here to help!