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Lifetime Warranty

You hired the best… Here it is in writing

We’re so confident in our craftsmanship, and materials we use, we guarantee it…for life.

What does our warranty cover?

Not to many stipulations or fine points here. It’s pretty simple, if you hire us to get animals out of your house, seal up the entry points, and decontaminate the attic/home, and the same species (rats, bats, raccoons, etc) breaks through any of our work we performed excluding your home, we will come back, free of charge, and redo the process for free.


So, here’s the fine print… Of course there has to be a couple stipulations to the warranty, otherwise that 1% of the population that lies, cheats and steals, would try to take advantage of our generous policy and exploit it. So here is the breakdown on what isn’t covered.

Different species. This simply means if you originally hired us to remove rats from your attic, and later down the road, a raccoon decides to make their home up there, it is not covered. Since you hired us to do something completely different. If however you get rats again, then we will happily return, as many times as necessary to solve the problem.

New entry points not originally excluded by us. This means if you hired us to remove a raccoon from your attic, and we sealed the hole it was entering through, and 6 months later, it decided to tear down the soffit on the other side of the house and come back in. This wouldn’t be covered either since our “product” didn’t fail, the animal created a new entry point.

“Acts of God” or somebody messing with our work. Pretty simple here too, if a hurricane come through, and blows part of your soffit down and an animal get’s in, that’s not a failure on our end. Also, if you have a new roof put on 5 years down the road, and they damage our work while doing so, once again that’s not a failure on us.

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