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Us vs Them

Know That Old Saying, “Well, ou get what you paid for”?
The Rodents Don’t Care What You Paid!

While we’ve all learned that lesson the hard way a time or two, or 20, it’s not necessarily a guarantee. Rodents defiantly don’t care how much you paid either! Most of the “National” pest control companies “sub-contract”, local wildlife companies, to do thier animal and rodent removal work. The reason is Pest Control, and Wildlife Removal are two seperate fields, which require two seperarte licenses. By going with a huge “national brand” company, you’re going to likely pay almost double the price of going through us diredtly, due the fact the national company marks up the local guys quote, in order to make money too.

We guarantee the best quality work, and at an extremely competitive price! We take great pride in our craftsmanship while performing rodent and wildlife exclusion work, (repairs caused by wildlife). Sometimes the difference between our work and our competitors is virtually so vast, we can’t help but take pics and brag, especially when we hear they paid twice what we charged. We just kindly hand them our card and tell them we’d love to have their business in the future, our phone doesn’t stop ringing.

Our goal is to make animal and rodent repairs as unnoticeable as possible, we don’t want somebody to pull up in your driveway and immediately see that you’ve had work done. We’re as discreet as possible. Here are some side by side examples of our competitors, and our work. In many pics you can see that we’re having to re-do their work, because it wasn’t done properly the first time.

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