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Predators Of Rats

Rats are known to thrive within urban areas and people are their primary enemies within these areas. There are some people and cultures around the world who worship and revere rats, but this is only a small minority of people. Most people associate rats with the diseases and the destruction they can do to a building. Because of these things, people make sure to deal with rat infestations promptly. Pest professionals are the top enemy and they will utilize traps and bait to remove them and then advise the owner on what needs to be done to keep them out. Domestic cats are also a problem for rats. They normally hunt mice, but many will not pass on the chance to chase a rat.

Rats in the wild or in more rural areas have a lot more enemies and predators to deal with. Birds of prey, like owls, falcons, and hawks, predate on rats regularly. Rats have a tendency to be a lot more active at night, making owls one of their most formidable predators. There are also various species of snakes that will actively hunt and eat rats. Rats in the wild have a lot more to look out for on a regular basis than those who stay out of sight in urban environments.