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Signs You May Have Rats

There are two major reasons why rats seek shelter on your property. First is protection, this usually happens when they are getting ready to nest and deliver babies. The second reason is food. They are omnivorous and are aware that they won’t miss something to eat in your home. Anything from grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and more are edibles to rats.

How can you tell that your home is infested by rats given that they like to come out at night? Rats are always on the move during the day looking for food, water, and shelter. Experts say that daytime is when they make mistakes of leaving signs that show they have inhabited your property.

Below are signs you may have rats on your premises.

Rat Droppings

You should know that most recent rat droppings are humid and black in color. With time, they age, change their color to grey, and crush easily when touched. Places where you can find their poop include inside cupboards or drawers, under sinks, near food materials, and in hidden regions. A large number of droppings can be found where they are feeding or nesting, so it’s in your best interest to carefully inspect the whole house. Rat droppings can harbor harmful diseases.

Rub Marks

Another thing that you should know about rats is that their eyesight isn’t perfect. In light of this, they often use the same route when moving around. Whenever they travel to their destination they leave behind slimy fur marks that can be traced. They are grey in color and can easily be spotted on dusty or muddy surfaces around your premises.

Scratching Noises

Rodents make different kinds of noises including hissing, squeaking, and chattering. They produce the chattering sound when they grind their teeth together, and this usually means that they are either relaxing or stressed. Rats hiss or squeak when they feel pain, fear or want to alert others about something unusual. In this line, if you believe that there are rats in your celling, attic or roofs, try to listen to these sounds and identify their location.

Rat Holes/Burrows

The thing about rats is that they like eating through concrete and wood. In doing so, they create holes which can easily be identified.

Brown rats always like to dig burrows for nesting, food storage, and shelter. These burrows can be found near solid structures or objects, such as garages, garden sheds, decking and more. Also, they can be located in isolated areas, such as well-maintained gardens, wasteland etc.

Filthy Smell

If you own a pet, you should know that they love to play in areas where rats have been. They can smell the odor left behind by rats and move to that location. In this light, if you notice that your pet is playing in an area where they haven’t been before, find a flashlight and examine the area for the presence of rats.

If you notice these signs you may have rats on your premises. If this is the case, it’s very important that you seek help immediately to get rid of them. There are a few DIY tricks that you can learn to remove rats, but it’s also wise to hire an expert.