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Rat Holes

It can be much more difficult to locate the holes that rats chew than people may expect. People should pay attention to areas where the building materials have rotted away, and they provide an easier route inside. They can also chew in between floorboards or within the closets of a home. They can be attracted to areas where water and gas pipes enter the home, as there are already holes there that they can just make bigger.

Where the rats are chewing and coming in and out, they will leave behind dirt, waste, and grease. They can chew through building materials as strong as concrete. The holes they chew can allow other pests a way into a home and they can also be dangerous because they will chew through wiring that can cause a fire hazard. This fire hazard is so dangerous because many homeowners don’t know they are there until a fire happens.

The holes they have created will need to be plugged up with either metal or concrete and the animals will need to be removed. If there is a rat infestation problem, the assistance of a professional will be necessary. They are intelligent animals that are difficult to trap.