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What do rats look like?

There are particular characteristics that distinguish one species of rat from another. These characteristics include size, color, tail length, and preference for nesting sites. Norway rats, also known as sewer rats, have a stockier, fuller body with a tail that is not as long as their bodies. In comparison to roof rats who have longer, more slender bodies and their tails are longer than their bodies. The head shape of a rat can also vary from species to species as they can blunt and aquiline while others have a longer, more pointed snout.

There are certain characteristics that all rat species will share as well. Their fur is going to be a lot more prevalent on their bodies than it is on their tails and ears. They all will run on four legs but will stand on their hind legs to reach other areas or in defense of themselves. They also all have large incisors that will grow throughout their lives. This constant growth is what makes it necessary for them to constantly chew so their teeth don’t get too long. All rat species are also well adapted to living around people and will take advantage of the various different food sources that they make available.