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Sounds in the Attic?

Hearing Sounds in the Attic?Attic Damage From Rodents

We live in Florida, us native “Floridians” realize wildlife is everywhere, and the more homes and businesses we build, the more we intrude into their natural habitat. The more they intrude into our home and attic, the more problems we have.

Chances are you have heard a noise or two in your attic in the middle of the night, or seen an opening in a roof return (where the soffit meets the shingles to form a 45 degree angle).

What do these signs mean?

Most nuisance wildlife we run into in Central Florida is nocturnal, meaning they sleep or are less active during the day, and hunt and gather food at night. The most common types of pest we encounter are Bats, Rats, Raccoons and Armadillos, with the first three being the most common “attic pest” we treat.

Usually by the time you actually hear a noise, the animal(s) have been in the attic for a while and have made themselves at home, in your home. But wait, don’t panic!

At the first sign of pests, give us a call, we will come out, asses the situation, and provide you with your options, before the problem gets out of control, and trust us, it can in a matter of weeks!

Does your home  have damage or openings? Do you know what to look for? 

Garage door seal missing

Garage door seal missing

Goose neck vents, pipe stacks, roof returns, soffit damage, rub trails, ridge vent openings, chew marks, difference between rat and lizard feces…

People constantly ask us how animals get into their home, here are some of the most common ways, that animals get inside your home.

How many of those things could you point out? Maybe a couple, but odds are that you wouldn’t be able to identify all of them (if you can, and are looking for a job, give us a shout!) That’s where we come in, we’ll walk you around your house and physically show you all the openings. More times than not, when I’m doing an inspection for a customer and show them my findings, the first thing out of their mouth is “Wow, I never even noticed that!”

Soffit damage done by raccoon

Soffit damage done by raccoon

The reason people don’t notice the openings is because they’re so use to their home and going about their daily routine, they never notice when small things change. Ask yourself, when was the last time you did a complete attic inspection, I mean go over the entire thing? As hot as it gets up there, I would venture to guess it’s been a while. You might just be surprised at what’s moved in, right above your head!

Small, but significant opening in older home from age


Have your neighbors had issues?

Chances are that when you have a wildlife problem, you were not the first one in the area to do so. Preventative measures are always cheaper than when the real problem strikes. If one person has rat problems then every unprepared home within a quarter of mile will likely end up with the same problem, guaranteed, if you trap an animal outside its current home or attic, it will have to find another place to live, if your roof has openings, then you’re going to have roommates very soon.

The same issue applies to bats which travel up to 6 miles from their roost (nest) at night to find food. If your home has the smallest opening for any of these animals – you had better hope none of your neighbors have already had problems.

The good news is that we have a 100% removal success rate, and 100% customer satisfaction, and we plan on keeping our perfect record.

It’s as simple as that, we do business the “old fashion” way.



We do business the RIGHT way!



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