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Rats Gaining Plumbing Access…? Gross!

Can Rats Come Up Through Your Toilet?

Think your home is sealed up tight? You may be correct, but you might not be… We get tons of calls for rat control Melbourne for rats and squirrels in attics, but we also get a lot of calls from rats inside homes. We know how to smoke plumbing to see if you have a problem, or crack in it. Rats can come up your sewer system if there’s a problem.

Can Rats Get In Through The Plumbing

As troubling as it is, rats can even enter your home through your water pipes by swimming on your toilet requiring rat removal Melbourne FL. As it turns out, rodents can swim three days in a row and survive on food that people flush out in their toilets and undigested food in human excrement, if necessary. Shutting off sewer pipes can cause rodents to chew through your pipes or die in your pipes, creating the perfect nightmare scene for fly or roach infestation.

In many sewage systems, the toilet and waste disposal end up in the same pipes. Rats then end up in the sewers in search of this discarded food. Even if food is flushed into the toilet for any reason, rats could go to the toilet to see if they could find more.

You may also be interested in: how you can prevent rats from getting into your sewage system. Rats can easily sneak into the grate and manhole cover on the street, and sewage pipes in residential areas flow into the main tunnels under your house. Once in the pipes, rats can find their way through the toilet system and into the bowl of your toilet.

Certain species can step on water for up to three days and hold their breath for three minutes.In fact, the rats often only come across water at the bottom of their toilet bowl.Of course, the sewer offers easy access to your drain pipes and the food in your home.

The rat blocker prevents rats from getting into the property via the water pipes and the sewage system. The device simply fits into the drain pipes and snaps securely into place. Once installed, it requires very little maintenance and is therefore the ideal solution for your residential or commercial building.

Together we made the decision to call in a plumber to examine the pipe stacks and determine if the rats could somehow enter the pipes. Since we are not licensed plumbers, we had no idea what to expect when we initially inspected the plumbers. From the start, the installers stated that rats could never enter through a pipe and downplayed all the evidence that guided us to make this potential variable.

For this reason, repairing a hole in your roof is essential to avoid rat infestation. Aside from the fact that a hole in your roof can get rain into your house and cause water damage, it can also be a place where rats sneak into your house. After a rat gets into an attic, all sorts of problems can arise. 4It can chew through loft insulation, gnaw through electrical wires, and find ways to get to almost every other part of your home. 

Rats take every opportunity to enter your home and look for shelter and food. Young rats can squeeze through small gaps under the doors and also use cat flaps to enter. Rats can jump, so check up to about 4 feet in height.

Drop by drop, damage over weeks can become a problem that can cost thousands of dollars to fix. In other cases, mice and rats can chew through water pipes that are already weak and worn. Since the pipe is already fragile, rodent damage can cause the pipe to burst, and there is a rapid loss of water.

Check out this video by National Geographic, to see just how nimble rats actually are. If you think you might have a problem, or see small oval black feces in your home, give us a call immediately so we can inspect your home before it gets out of hand!

(Video credit:National Geographic)