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Rats In Melbourne, FL Attics Can Be Disgusting

Melbourne Florida Has A Growing Roof Rat Problem

Ok, so while we much rather prefer to share cute and happy pictures with animals we save and release, there is a huge portion of our business that is rat removal. A big reason people have rats removed is because rats carry disease and fleas that can be dangerous to you or your pets.

Roof rats are generally black in color, while Norwegian rats are brown or gray. Roof rats have smaller and smoother bodies than Norwegian rats and their fur is smooth. Other features of the roof rat are big ears with very little hair and pointed faces. Roof rat removal in Florida is usually what is needed.

Also known as the black rat or ship rat, the roof rat is smaller than the Norwegian rat, but both are present in the Melbourne, FL area. There they can do enormous damage by gnawing through wood, wires and everything else that they decide to nibble on. Most wildlife control companies will be able the distinguish the difference between the two types of rats. Roof rats are typically thin and long, with bulging eyes and pointed ears and noses.

The roof rats are smaller and have a longer tail than the Norwegian rats.They are well suited for climbing on tendrils, wires and narrow rocky outcrops. Though they may be cute, these creatures can do great harm by chewing on building materials and eating stored foods. In late autumn, roof rats go to warm nesting sites such as the upper levels of your house or garage.

We have one client that we are working with to remove rats for their home in Melbourne, that another business couldn’t solve. In the past month, we have removed over 50 rats from the house and attic! We discovered there was a plumbing break in the wall that we found by “smoking” the plumbing. Today we removed one of the largest rats we have ever seen from a trap in the attic. Compare it to the “normal” sized roof rat at the bottom of the picture.

Rats In Your Home or Business?

If you think you might have animals in your attic, or hear a noise in your attic at night, call us immediately to asses the situation. By the time you hear noises, you likely have a more serious problem then you think, and the problem is going to require professional help. Call us anytime for a free, in home estimate. Most times we can start services the same day, we even offer Military, Senior, and Police/Firefighter discounts.