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  • Specializing in rat, bat and raccoon removal from attics, and soffits.Raccoon Removal
  • We repair the damage done by the critters, get them out fast and clean up their mess left behind!
  • Full warranty after completion
  • Licensed and insured
  • Locally owned AND operated!
  • Guaranteed Results!

Noises in attic?

Hearing noises at night? Scratching sounds keeping you awake? Guess what, you have roommates!

At On Point Wildlife we know exactly how to get rid of animals from your attic fast!

We use a 3 step process to  get them out, seal up your home, then clean up the mess they leave behind.

Whether it’s raccoons, rats, bats or opossums (yes opossums can get into your attic) we know how to get them out safely and fast