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Raccoon Mayhem in Palm Bay, Florida

Noise in the attic can be squirrels, rats or even worse…raccoons!

Female raccoons looking for a nesting site can tear off shingles, signs, or roof vents to get to your attic. Once inside, they tear open the insulation, go to the bathroom, and bring a lot of parasites that can make your pets sick or even worse you or your kids. On the other hand, they could all avoid the attic together and feel at home in your chimney, crawl space, or under your deck or porch. As I said before, the trash can should be the least of your concern if you have a raccoon removal problem.

Unfortunately, it is this ability to cause damage that causes people to remove raccoons from the attic. The same goes for bat removal as well. What you can do when you’re on the fence to remove raccoons from the attic is to go there and look for damage. After the raccoons are either serviced or removed in a humane way (read how to get raccoons out of the attic), you want to inspect your attic to repair damaged ducts or wires, or to replace the insulation.

The biggest problem with raccoons entering your attic is the feces left behind. We offer services to remove the droppings from your attic and to clean up the area. Another potential problem with raccoons in your attic is chewing wires.

If you have a problem with one or more of these annoying raccoons, we can easily get them out and catch them. Once the raccoons have been caught, it is extremely important to seal the entry points and repair the damage caused by the raccoons. In addition, in cases where raccoons have been living in the attic for some time, it may be necessary to clean and renovate the attic. Our team also offers loft cleaning services in Lake Orion, Michigan.

Here are some photos of damage caused by raccoons living in an attic and all from an attic. Keep in mind that this damage is widespread and raccoons are used throughout the attic. The attic was filled with paths and tunnels (in the picture) in the insulation.

One of the most common problems with raccoons in the attic is damage to the insulation. Raccoons are very heavy animals that often weigh up to pounds and damage the insulation in various ways. A heavy raccoon’s insulation is expected to flatten as it moves from one end of the attic to the other. Raccoon latrines or areas they use for their bathroom can quickly damage the insulation.

Raccoons mayhem can be costly, call us immediately if you think you have a raccoon causing damage on your property.

This morning we went back to a house that we had recently removed some raccoons from in Palm Bay, Florida. The homeowner was shocked to learn that they had been getting into her roof. It didn’t take long before it was obvious how the raccoons had been getting in the roof and gaining attic access. This is a prime example of the damage that an adult raccoon can do, and why they shouldn’t be pets.raccoon mayhem causes damage to a home in Palm Bay, Florida.

She had actually dug through the outer layers of roofing to get inside the attic, when she had little raccoon pups. Being that we are not roofers, all we could do is use some hardware cloth and seal it up temporarily until the homeowner finds a certified roofer, which will cost additional money.

If your hear noises in the attic, call On Point Wildlife Removal immediately. We’re local, so whether you’re in Palm Bay, Melbourne, Rockledge or Cocoa, it doesn’t matter. When getting rid of animals in the attic, time is of the essence!