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Raccoon Removal in Brevard and Indian River Counties.

Raccoon Removal Facts:

Raccoons are highly intelligent and curious creatures, which makes removal of  any raccoon difficult. These (primarily) nocturnal mammals, can destroy gardens, make a mess by tipping over garbage cans, and can cause structural damage in search of food. They commonly have lost most of their fear of humans, due to them foraging in neighborhoods frequently. However cute they may appear, they are still very dangerous and cause sever injuries or even kill small pets. Male raccoons are even known to kill and eat other youth raccoons. Call the raccoon removal experts at On Point Wildlife to schedule your free inspection.

Raccoons and humans interaction:

Like I’ve previously mentioned  here. I have lived in Florida (Brevard County), my entire life, second generation Floridian, as both my parents moved here when they were toddlers. I was born in Wuesthoff hospital in Rockledge, raised in Cocoa, and graduated from Merritt Island High School. So needless to say I’m very, very, very familiar with the area. This is has been a very exciting last couple of decades for this area.  I remember going down  Murrell to the “New” stadium in Viera to watch the Marlins the first year they opened it, and feeling like we were going out to “No Mans Land”. It was out in the middle of no where, basically south of Barnes all the way to Wickham was desolate, now look at it……

The point of my little flashback, was to emphasize how much this area has grown, heck, west of I95 was ALL cow pastures, now its booming! All this growth has pushed humans, into what was (not that long ago), wilderness, and we basically evicted all kinds of animals, so its inevitable to cross paths. Raccoons are one of the most curious and adoptable animals we encounter. We always relocate them to a private property we have far, far away from people so they can live out the rest of their lives peacefully.

Raccoon Problems

Open Roof Return

Open Roof Return

The largest problem we encounter with raccoons, isn’t them knocking over trash cans believe it or not, it’s them getting into attics. I know you’re thinking “how the heck can they get into my attic?”. Well that’s very easy to answer. They find a way onto your roof (by way of trees, outdoor furniture, patio screens, poles , etc). Once on the roof they head to the roof returns (where the soffit meats the shingles in the corners), and simply push the soffit up and make a hole to go in.  Once in there they usually “litter” (have pups). Raccoons are members of the bear family, they have very sharp, opposable thumbs that can do major damage to air ducts and the insulation. They also leave A LOT of poop that carries diseases including…

  • Roundworm
  • Giardia
  • Leptospirosis




If you believe you have a raccoon problem in Palm Bay, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach or any other city in Brevard County call the professionals at On Point Wildlife. We also serve Indian River County.

We trapped a juvenile raccoon recently, on our way to relocate it, it reached through the cage and took a swipe at my tool bag, look at the damage done with one swipe. They are the real deal!

Raccoon Removal Damage

Raccoon reaching through cage during a raccoon removal job.

Raccoon reaching through cage during a raccoon removal job.


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