(Part 2) Bat removal in Palm Bay

Last week we started the process of excluding bats from a home (Doing a bat removal), in the Palm Bay / Melbourne Fl area. Today we went back out to check the progress. The two bat cones we put up are doing their job great!

People ask us all the time “how do you remove bats from an attic?”. If you didn’t see our original video, click HERE to see the initial description.

This particular neighborhood is notorious for having bats, once a neighbor has a bat removal done, the bats naturally will go to the next closest home that has openings in it. Bats generally like to stay at least 12 feet in the air to avoid predators when leaving their roost, so 2 story homes make great nesting areas for them, however I have seen them in 1 story homes many times too.

After installing the cones, the bats pretty much evict themselves. Today’s video is a great example. showing how the bat removal is going. So far we were able to close up one hole, and should have the complete process done by Friday and the home owner can be bat free again!

Once we finish the bat removal process at the home in Palm Bay, we will have to sanitize the attic and soffit with a disinfectant and sanitizer as the bat guano carries so many diseases and can cause major respiratory issues. Once were done with the clean up we seal the holes with bat resistant materials to prevent them from returning again.

Take a look at the bat cones in action, and how they limit the re-entry of the bats back into the soffit. This is the best way to exclude them from homes, as it will make sure they are not injured during the bat removal process from the attic. The bats will relocate and continue to eat mosquito’s and bugs somewhere else!