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Your Wildlife Removal Experts

No matter what you have crawling around your home and attic, On Point Wildlife Removal experts are here to help. State licensed and insured, we specialize in animal removal from homes and attics, including complete insulation restoration and cleanup.  Nobody is more qualified or highly trained. Period.

Covering all of Brevard and Indian river county

Locally owned and operated, with over 20 years of wildlife and pest removal experience, On Point Wildlife Removal is the elite ones to call when you have a rodent or animal problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s bats, rats, raccoons or something else. Our staff of highly trained, and licensed professionals, will find a solution that will solve your problem quick.

Why Choose US

Satisfaction Guarantee

We don’t quit until the job is finished, plain and simple. To put it frankly, all our work comes with a full warranty, so we want to make sure it’s done right, the first time. Neither you or us want to have to keep coming out to get it resolved. We promise to go above and beyond, and make sure the problem is fixed, fast!

A One-Stop Shop

Animals in your attic? Damaged insulation / ductwork? Entry points for more animals to return? Feces and urine contaminated residence? That’s a whole lot of different things that need to be fixed. That means having to sift through countless contractors and get recommendations, and HOPEFULLY it all goes smoothly, right? Wrong! On Point Wildlife Removal is a full animal removal team and restoration specialist company, that can do 99.99% of jobs serviced, in the event an outside company is needed, we will work along side them to make sure it’s finished the right way.

Free Consultation

No high pressure salesman, no service call fees, no bait and switch pricing. We do the job right, the first time, for the price we quoted originally.

Animal Trapping / Removal

Trapping and removal of animals from outside and inside. Our team of dedicated experts know what baits work and what methods to use for each species.


Getting rid of nuisance animals are only half the job. If they got in once, they will find their way back. Thats why we only use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure the animals get out, and stay out!

Clean up

Just like humans, animals have the same bodily functions that they leave behind on a daily basis. Animal feces can spread many different kinds of diseases and cause breathing problems. We use hospital grade cleaners to make sure you and your family stay safe.

Attic Restoration

If the animals in your attic have caused damage to the insulation, or ductwork, or even if you simply want to add add additional insulation to cover the “gifts” left behind. We offer additional insulation blow over, treated with Borate, which repels insects as well as rodents and mold. To keep your home in pristeen condition


“Called On Point because critters were in our attic. Sounded like they were wearing wooden clogs up there. James came out and did a thorough inspection. He assessed inside and out. He listened to what we were telling him and educated us about what was happening. He explained the process he recommended and how long it would take. Each time he came, he called first, gave a detailed report of what he found and what the team had done. The work was done efficiently and cleanly.
On Point did a great job. They were easy to work with and very reliable. We are so glad we chose them..”

Patricia P.

“Great company and very professional guys. Had a large beehive in my soffit and called around to find the best place. This company was highly recommended. Once of my neighbors even used them for rat removal from their attic. They came out the same day and did a fantastic job at a great price.”

Bob D.

“Awesome company, does what they say, reliable and hard workers. Calls ahead, does quality work, fair price, good warranty.

James is polite and a great sense of humor, my wife said he’s easy on the eyes too, haha.

Overall this company is very refreshing for a service company, that they always give above and beyond service in every sense of the word.

Not a stereotypical, blue collar, redneck company, I was very surprised by the education and aptitude of the entire staff. Clean cut and college educated. And it showed!”

Donald M.