Trapping Armadillos and Raccoons in Viera/Rockelege

We’ve been trapping armadillos and raccoons for a client in Viera / Rockledge area the past week so far we’ve removed 3 raccoons in a very short amount of time. When I drove up today I┬ánoticed that one of the cage doors was closed and the cage had been flipped on it’s side, you’ll never believe what was inside…… (shameless attempt at clickbait).

We used cat food to catch these guys, and we set the raccoon traps at about six last night. After seeing a lot of raccoon feces on the yard, we decided to primarily target raccoons instead of armadillos in this Rockledge neighborhood. We were pleasantly surprised at what we got today, we had an unexpected resident. As you can see from the image above, we ended up trapping an opossum from this home.

No need to worry, both the raccoon and opossum are unharmed and will be taken to live out the rest of their lives far away from humans on a private plot of land with plenty of natural habitat.

Raccoon and Opossum Trapped From Melbourne

A raccoon and opossum trapped in the Viera/Rockledge area.