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Historic Places and Landmarks in Melbourne Florida

Melbourne Florida Cemetery

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4250 Dow Rd #308 Melbourne Fl, 32934
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Historic places and landmarks for the longest time have given people and places a sense of identity. These places are a source of cultural, political, military or social heritage. In this regard, Melbourne also has a number of these sites which are not just interesting to the eye, but you can also learn a lot from them. The following is a list of historic places and landmarks in Melbourne Florida. We can help with animal removal in Melbourne if you have nuisance animals in the attic.

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NASA Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center, SR 405, Titusville, FL 32899
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Space adventure is available to anyone interested in this place. The center offers exploration in all aspects that is, history of space exploration, current state and you can get insights about the future of space exploration. Once here, you will also get to appreciate the pioneers of NASA Kennedy Space Center by witnessing the earlier launch sites, different space ships and generally feed your knowledge base about space.

Cocoa Village – Cocoa

600 Florida Ave #104, Cocoa, FL 32922
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This neighborhood is a historic one because it dates as far back as the 1860s. Old is gold and this village can attest to that. It has an old-fashioned charm that makes it unique. It even gets better because the locals are hospitable making it a haven of adventure. You can enjoy strolling around and learning about the buildings or enjoy shopping. The Cocoa Village Playhouse in this place is a must experience. The live music, features theater and dance productions are entertaining.

Exploration Tower – Cape Canaveral

670 Dave Nisbet Dr, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
(321) 394-3408

The architectural design of the Exploration Tower makes it a unique landmark. This museum has a spectacular view which offers an awesome view of the surroundings. You can see the cruise ships and civil vessels around. The exhibits displayed in this tower are educative and since they know the power of gifts, a gift shop is also available.

Rikki Tiki Tavern- Cocoa Beach

401 Meade Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
(321) 783-7549

This precious landmark is a nice spot. You can enjoy fine wine or any drink of your choice, good food, people with good energy, watch the surfers and fishermen, enjoy the breeze and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. The setting at Rikki Tiki Taven in Cocoa Beach is just perfect to give you a good time.

Cocoa Beach Pier – Cocoa Beach

401 Meade Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
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This is a historic landmark in Cocoa Beach FL that can be described as a city in the ocean. It has restaurants, live music entertainment, gift shops and bars. Those who enjoy fishing, they can rent fishing equipment and dive into the world of adventure and exploration while they fish.
The White Sands Buddhist Center, Juan Ponce DeLeon Park – Melbourne beach, Sams House at pine Island and White Sands Buddhist Center are among the many historical sites and landmarks in Melbourne Florida. Melbourne has rich heritage thus making it unique and attractive to many people.