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Most Popular Places In Melbourne, Florida

City Of Melbourne Florida

You can come down to Melbourne, Florida where you have plunged into the heart of the state. This is a great place to visit that you will really enjoy, and you will start having more fun than you have ever had if you will come to each of the locations on this list. Melbourne FL is a unique little town that gives you a lot to do when you are just passing through or want to spend a few days hanging around.

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Brevard Zoo

8225 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32940
(321) 254-9453

The Brevard Zoo is a wonderful outdoor park that you can come to with your kids. They will love seeing the animals, and the outdoor complex makes it fun to walk around in the Florida sunshine. This is a good place to spend the day because you get to enjoy the nice weather and the animals at the same time. You should try this place especially if you have kids.

Space Coast Stadium

5800 Stadium Pkwy, Melbourne, FL 32940
(800) 741-3014

The Space Coast Stadium is the place that has all the big sporting events in the area. You can watch Minor League Baseball if you want, and you can watch other sporting events if you want. You can pick out a lot of different events that are being put on in this space. You should come through any time you want to see some sports and enjoy the open air.

Ballard Park

924 Thomas Barbour Dr, Melbourne, FL 32935
(321) 255-4608

Ballard Park is a great place to come when you want to have a good time and relax with your family. You can have a nice picnic over here, and you can have a really nice time with the kids playing on the playground.

Foosaner Art Museum

1463 Highland Avenue
Melbourne, FL 32935
(321) 674-8916

The Foosaner Art Museum has a lot of modern and interesting exhibits that you can walk through if you have come to the city on your own, or you can bring the whole family to take in some new art. Melbourne is very big on the arts, and they make sure that they can always put on the bet exhibits of the art that they think the public should see.


You can come to Melbourne at any time to see the best of what the Florida coast has to offer. You are also on the Space Coast where you can see rockets take off from Cape Canaveral. This is an excellent vacation spot, and it is a fun town to drive through any time of year.

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