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The On-Point Method

Why Are We The Best? The “On Point” Method!

Point 1: Inspection & Identify Issue

Once at the residence we will need to understand the situation. We start by asking some very basic questions to the homeowner, to simply begin to understand what they’ve been experiencing. This is the simplest but best way to start any project.

After we’ve been told the back story, we begin our own investigation in, around and on, the home, we search looking for damage, entry points, and signs of activity. It’ not uncommon at all, to receive a call from a client and they tell us they have one animal causing them a headache, and after our investigation, we find out that it’s something completely different. Every animal is unique in its habits and we know the tricks to find where they are hiding.

We use only the absolute best, and cutting edge technology to help assist us in solving your problem fast!

We will take multiple photos through out the entire inspection to show our customers the current damage and state these animals have brought to the home, and show you our findings before you ever sign an agreement with us. We go out of our way to make you fully comfortable with our process and findings.

Point 2: Set Traps & Begin Animal Exclusion

Once you have animals in your home the only way to keep them from coming back is to excluded them. This is done by closing off all access points around your home, where the animal may be entering currently, or potentially in the future, we basically make your home “animal proof”.

Depending on your particular animal problem, we will either trap, or relocate them once we catch them. The entire process usually takes between 1-2 weeks, depending on the severity of the infestation. We make every attempt to relocate every animal we catch to a private property we own, far away from any structures or people, the only animals we have to kill in order to catch are rats, there is no other reliable method unfortunately.

Point 3: Sanitize, Clean, Repair, & Deodorize

Nuisance wildlife in your attic will create problems many homeowners never think of.

Rats and other pest carry many diseases, viruses and parasites, that if left untreated can cause breathing problems, illnesses and even death in extreme cases.

One of the biggest problems people never thing about is the urine, feces, and pheromones  now in the insulation. All this “leftover” debris from the animals is like a giant “Open” sign to other animals. We use a hospital-grade antimicrobial treatment, that deodorizes and kills over 60 different types of diseases such as, viruses, HIV, swine flu, bird flu, and more.

Point 4: Unconditional Warranty

At the end of our time together, we will go over everything we have done, as well as give you a “walk around” of your home to show you the exclusion work we have performed. We will show you before and after pictures and make sure you feel secure that the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction, we then provide you with a full, transferable (if you were to sell the home), 1 year warranty, (you can renew your warranty in 12 months for an additional cost)