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Attic Bats in Palm Bay

Are bats in the attic a problem…

Bats in the attic of a house can be extremely dangerous for both humans and other animals. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the attic of your house regularly to ensure that bats have not infested it. At time it will not be bats and you may need Palm Bat Rat Removal. Below is a list of animal removal signs to look for when looking for bats in your attic. If you notice any of these signs in your apartment, be sure to contact Rat Removal Brevard or humane wildlife experts so you can get rid of the bats as soon as possible.

Bat infestation is a terrifying ordeal and carries various dangers for your home and your health. Bats looking for warm and dry places to settle in winter are attracted to attics, fireplaces, or walls. Male bats are outside, so every bat in your home is female.Therefore, there is an increased risk that baby bats will be born in your home, causing the colony population to multiply exponentially. Below is a detailed guide that teaches you everything you need to know about bat infestation in your home and attic, and how to best do it. Signs of bats in the attic can be detected by stains on drywall or outdoors, damage to the outside of the house by feces, and noises from things that rustle into the walls or reveal. They are nocturnal and linger during the day, making it difficult for a homeowner or company to monitor the activity of bats. It is not difficult for a bat to fit into small crevices to gain access to an attic. Here are some of the annoying problems of bats in the attic.

Today we started a job that will involve the removal (Exclusion) of HUNDREDS of bats from a home in Palm Bay. This was our second visit to the home, however our first actually doing work on it. There were so many bats, that I wasn’t sure that we could fix her problem. However after a good bat inspection, we came up with a plan, she had 4 different bat roost!

While this is the time of year, we get many bat removal calls from all over Brevard. Our “hot areas” are Palm Bay, Melbourne, Rockledge, Viera and Suntree. These area seem to have a lot of bat problems that need our help removing bats and bat guano.

Bat Feces, or guano, is highly toxic, and can cause many respiratory problems. It can even be lethal, (Center for Disease Controls website) this is why we always use a full face respirator, (N95 or N100 rating) when working on bat removal projects. Armatures should NOT attempt to remove bats at all, please call On Point Wildlife for help. We will come out and give you a free estimate and even work with you on pricing to remove them from your home.

While bats do carry rabies (approx 6% of them according to Google).  Their greater concern is their feces or guano. The smell is unmistakable and can be smelled from hundreds of yards away. Guano can rot wood and insulation, which will lead to may thousands of dollars in damage to any home. Especially homes that have bat problems in barrel tile roofs.

Bat House and Boxes

Bats play a very important part of our mosquito control (They can eat up to 3000 mosquitoes PER NIGHT!). and for the most part wont bother humans, that is, unless they have taken up residence in your home!!! If you’re interested in keeping bats around, while limiting the damage the do to your roof, contact us. 321-423-2713. We are state licensed and will install a bat bot / house at your home from only $199, that includes the box and natural attractant! While bate removal IS important, another option is bat relocation and making the best use of them, they’ve been around for thousands of years and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! If you suspect you have a similar issue, Call On Point Wildlife Removal IMMEDIATELY!