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Why consider a Bat Box / House for pest control?

Bat House Box

Bat box placed naturally in a tree for mosquito control

We live in Florida, dealing with mosquitoes are a normal, everyday event. There are plenty of expensive, and toxic chemicals we can spray on ourselves to help protect us. However, one of the best answers, is one of the simplest, a Bat House!

Bats can be a huge problem if they decide to make their homes, inside your attic, however if utilized correctly, they can be a  huge benefit in mosquito control. EACH bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes per HOUR, and 6,000 to 8,000 per NIGHT!

Why pay for toxic chemicals that will poison the environment, yourself and your family? Get a bat box for your back yard! Very few homes don’t fit the profile needed for the box installation (i.e. don’t install it on the side of your house, as you’re asking for a bat infestation in your attic!).

On Point Wildlife Removal Bat Box’s

Here at On Point Wildlife, we specialize in removing and relocating animals, this includes relocating bats from random places to areas they should be. We can install a box, at your home or residence in as little as 1 hour. With no monthly fees, or maintenance needed.


For a typical home, prices start at $199, that includes the box, attractant, set up, and installation. We only use 100% cedar, 3 chamber boxes / houses. None of the cheap stuff commercially sold.


Contact On Point Wildlife, we are State Licensed, and fully insured. We provide quick service, as well as professional installation. Turn around time is less than one week for most orders. We will come out to your home, analyze the placement for free. Then we special order, or sometimes custom make the box. Then schedule installation. Usual time for bats to fully inhabit is 30-90 days. During that time, feel free to contact us for tips on how to attract them in they don’t seem to be “taking” to their new home.


Here are 2 videos showing a recent installation we did in Palm Bay and Melbourne area.


Bat House