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Port St Lucie Wildlife Removal – Excellent and Reliable Service

Although wildlife is a part of nature they can have an adverse effect on human habitation when left unchecked. As a homeowner it is your responsibility and essential knowledge, to know the damage and inconvenience that wildlife and rodents can have on your home.

As human population expands at an incredible rate, forest lands are being claimed for human settlements faster than ever before. This has resulted in increased problems with incursions from wildlife which makes the surroundings of your property their habitat. With uncontrolled increase in wildlife population of any one species in a particular area, it becomes vital to control their growth and prevent unwanted damage to your property. Human wildlife conflicts result in significant damage and losses throughout the country.

Nuisance Wildlife

The following are some of the most common species of Port St Lucie Florida wildlife which at times needs to be effectively controlled as they tend to increase their population rapidly and escalate the risk of damage to you and your property.

Rodents – Rodents, such as beavers, gophers, chipmunks, rates, mice, muskrats, mountain beavers, prairie dogs, porcupines, squirrels, woodchucks, voles and wood rats, can have damaging effects on you and your property.

Carnivores – Carnivorous wildlife, such as bears, badgers, bobcats, coyotes, cats, wild/feral dogs, minks, mountain lions, otters, raccoons, skunks, weasels and wolves are commonly known to damage your property and prove dangerous to your life, if left unchecked.

Birds – Birds, such as crows, blackbirds, hawks, owls, gulls, finches, larks, kites, jays, pigeons, magpies, starlings, sparrows, swallows, woodpeckers and waterfowls, often result in harming the value and aesthetic of your property.

Other animals – Bats, armadillos, deer, rabbits, elk, deer, opossums, moles, shrews, pronghorn antelopes and wild pigs are also known to have an adverse effect on your property.

Reptiles/Amphibians – Amphibians, such as frogs, toads, turtles, and crayfish, as well as reptiles, including rattlesnakes, salamanders and other non poisonous snakes tend to pose a threat to your life, in left unchecked to grow on your property.

Some of these animals or rodents are more common or more dangerous than others and hence need to be removed efficiently and completely from your surroundings. Squirrels, which are common all over the world, are known to be fiercely territorial and will fight to death to protect what they consider as their homes. Squirrels living near your house have a tendency to enter attics and chimneys, especially during cold winter months and make these their homes. Mother squirrels are excessively protective of their young ones and if you pose a threat to them the mother squirrel proves dangerous and can scratch or bite, leading to infection or more dangerous complications. Squirrels should always be removed with the help of a professional and highly-trained Squirrel Removal Specialist.

Apart from squirrels, possums are the next most common types of rodents that can make your home their habitat. Their opposable thumbs make them excellent climbers. This lets them get entry to your attic easily. These are also found mostly living under your garden or garage shed and your house too. Possums can begin to thrive faster with whole families living in burrows under your house, which weakens the house foundation and structure with time.

Rats and mice are by far the most common rodents and we all know the variety of diseases that they can infect humans living in close proximity to them.

These species of wildlife are considered to pose a danger to your health and lifestyle if they are left to thrive on your property. Not only do these damage your house some of these are also harmful for you and your family’s health.

How Wildlife Removal Helps?

Wildlife removal is essential if you own a property which is near the forest or the woods. These are natural habitats for numerous of the wildlife species mentioned above, and hence, tends to become a problem when left unchecked to thrive.

These are the reasons that you need to have effective wildlife removal service at your disposal:

Control Spread of Diseases

A sick and diseased wild animal is known to affect humans who often live in close proximity to it, without their knowledge. For example, the threat of acquiring rabies from bats, skunks, opossums and raccoons is real and reported all over the country each year in hundreds of cases. This is one of the main reasons you need to have effective wildlife control on your property. Rabies cannot be cured completely and can also prove fatal in numerous cases. When you are accidentally bitten by a rabid wild animal then you contract this dangerous disease. Although, this might sound morbid, it is a fact. So think before you let those squirrels or skunks to seek warmth in your attic or basement and decide if the safety of your family is more important than that.

Property Damages

When you have wildlife living unnoticed in your house, there are several ways they can affect the quality of your home and its structure. We, at Port
St Lucie Wildlife Removal have often seen the vast damage that unchecked wildlife has caused to otherwise strong homes.

In case you have wild animals or rodents making their home on your property you can expect one or more of the following damage to your home:

  • Electrical system failure
  • Cable and phone wire damage
  • Non-functional ventilation system
  • Damage to gardens, fences, waste containers, holes, etc
  • Structural damage
  • Water/sewage leaks
  • Damage to wall panels
  • Roof/ceiling damage
  • Window/screen door damage
  • Chimney, decks and under shed damage

The list is large for the type of damage that wildlife can cause to your home and property. These not only cause damage to the various parts of your house, but the rodents are known to create holes that connect with vast tunnel systems. These are mostly the breeding grounds for more rodents to thrive in your own home and backyard.

A thorough inspection and evaluation from a professional wildlife removal service, such as Port St Lucie Wildlife Removal helps to avoid extensive damage to your home and secure you against unwanted health problems from viruses and parasites which grow in these animals and rodents.

Why choose Port St Lucie Wildlife Removal Services?

Port St Lucie Wildlife Removal service has an extensive experience in resolving all types of issues and problems created in your property by the wildlife on it. The company is well-versed in using advanced technology and efficient equipment to safely remove dangerous rodents, decontaminate and then re insulate your home effectively.

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