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Melbourne Florida Animal Removal Services

Here at On Point Wildlife, we know exactly what you are going through when animals have invaded your home. As a local family owned and operated company, we know what it’s like to worry about the safety of our kids and pets. With the individual needs of every family hitting so close to home for us, we put an extreme emphasis on speed, efficiency and safety and solve wildlife management problems with years of animal handling experience. We are here for you no matter if your problem is a dead animal stinking up your home, a skunk that’s fallen down a window well, squirrels dashing across your attic or you have a rat that is just too smart to trap. You will always be greeted by knowledgeable friendly voice on the other end of the line.

We are the highest rated ADC (animal damage control) business in Brevard County, our customer reviews speak volumes about how hard we work to satisfy each and every customer that is faced with a pest issue. Starting from our full home inspection process, we find every area of the home that has been breached, or is vulnerable and also document any areas that can allow critters to access areas of entry. Once we perform an full inspection, if there is a critter issue, we will find it. Removing wild animals should always be done by a professional that is fully trained to properly handle wildlife. Before you hire a company to work on or in your home, don’t allow any services to start before you read documentation that states the technician providing the services is licensed and insured.

Cat, dog and domestic animal care and control is provided by The Brevard Humane Society, they can be reached at – (321) 636-3343

Melbourne Florida wildlife removal companies

Humane Melbourne Wildlife Management & Animal Damage Repairs

Are you completely fed up with nuisance raccoons, squirrels and skunks? Are you encountering bats flying in or around your house, putting your children’s health in risk with the dangers of rabies and histoplasmosis? Nuisance wildlife can tear a home apart in a matter of days and when you have such a problem on your hands we are available 24/7 to put your life at ease. We offer services ranging from dead animal disposal to attic clean out services and emergency Melbourne wildlife control services. With On Point you can rest assured that you have a worry free guarantee and warranty on workmanship and materials.

Have skunks moved onto your property creating unbearable smell? Skunks can dig holes under decks and stoops creating huge amounts of debris and gravel along with the unbearable odors that they produce. They also will destroy your lawn if they are looking for grubs. Nuisance squirrels can be a real headache too. Squirrels reproduce 2 litters of young annually causing complete havoc in homes if left unattended. It is not difficult for squirrels to enter the attic right through factory made attic fans or vents since they are not animal proof, which makes entry very easy for problematic animals. Birds can also cause a lot of difficulties if they decide to make nests in your attic,  this nesting can create a large amount of damage to attic insulation and create unpleasant smells along with bird mites.

Melbourne FL Raccoon Removal & Trapping

  • Humane Live Raccoon Removing

  • Expert Raccoon Feces Clean Up

  • Insured Raccoon Damage Repair & Prevention

  • Baby Raccoon Location & Rescue Help

Are nuisance raccoons tearing up your attic and making disturbing noises at night? Raccoons in the house are a serious trouble. Removing raccoons should only be done by the best in the WCO (wildlife control operator) industry. We know how to get rid of raccoons once and for all. They can dig into the attic through your roof in less than an hour, which in turn can cause serious water damage to your home and attic insulation. The trouble doesn’t end there either, if a raccoon gets inside, your insulation will be destroyed in a matter of days just from them trailing back and forth. In addition to this, raccoon feces is toxic as well as containing parasites called raccoon roundworm which can potentially be fatal. We have professional experts who know exactly how to deal with these issues safely, have your animal damages repaired and back to normal. We provide guaranteed raccoon exclusion services to ensuring raccoons can no longer take advantage of old entry points. For the attic damage, our staff handles the complete clean up and restoration from start to finish.

Melbourne FL Bat Removal & Exclusion

  • Bat Exclusion From Attics To Prevent Home Entry

  • Live Humane Bat Control

  • Guaranteed Bat Proofing Services

  • Quality Home Bat Inspections

Do you see bats flying around your gutters, soffits, vents or roof line? Or even worse have they moved into your attic? Removing bats is no easy task. Does your house or attic smell of ammonia? There are specific signs of bats making a home inside of your attic including strong ammonia odor due to urine and guano build up, visible guano in the attic or stuck around entry points and of course random bats making their way into the living quarters of your house. We offer our professional services to provide you with efficient bat control, guano clean up and exclusion services. According to federal law bats can only be removed during a particular times of the year, so please be aware of attempting to rid bats yourself without knowing the federal laws protecting them. After our bat exclusion service is completed, we then proceed with restoration and clean out of your damaged attic insulation.

Roof Rat Removal

  • Rat Exclusion

  • Rodent Proofing

  • Rat Extermination

There are two different, common, species of rat in the Melbourne area, luckily rat removal is the same. The Roof Rat, and the Norwegian Rat (or Norway Rat). The roof rat, is by far the most common rate we encounter, I would guess that about 80% of our calls are for rats, and every time people always ask “why me”? While there are things you can do to lower your odds of attracting rats, a lot of it is just luck. Fortunately we are very good at rat removal in Melbourne Florida. A full grown, 18 inch rat only needs a nickel size hole to get its entire body through. They can tread water for 3 days, and hold their breath underwater for over 3 minutes. Rats are truly amazing, and adaptable creatures, but we don’t want them in our homes! We get great pride in removing rats from your attics and homes!

We remove rats, mice and rodents that have decided to take up residence in your home or on your property. At times there are rats that are just too smart for your average trapper, luckily we are not average when it comes to pest control and trapping rats and mice. Rodent traps come in all shapes and sizes and at times it seems that rats have seem them all. We know how to get rid of rats and have tried and true methods of making sure they are gone once and for all. From rats in the attic to rodents living in the walls, we are fully trained to deal with all situations that come about with your pest control service needs.

Melbourne Squirrel Control & Home Proofing

Squirrels in attics can truly be a nightmare for any resident, both homeowner and renter. The gnawing from squirrels on wires in an attic are extremely dangerous, as they are a major contributor to home and business fires. Squirrel removal from attics with live trapping methods is the best route to take. Our squirrel trappers are fully licensed and experienced to deal with all issues that are brought about. They also can smash and crush attic insulation that ruins insulation properties causing energy costs to rise up to 50% especially in the heat of Florida’s summers.

Opossum, Armadillo, and Venomous Snakes

We also provide removal for opossums that have decided to move under decks, stoops and sheds. Opossums are great animals to have around as they eat dead animals along with ticks that cause lime disease. Opossums tend to live in the dens of other animals and do not particularly create dens or dig holes. Because opossums eat diseased animal carcasses, they tend to die from disease, dead opossum removal is a very common need.

Armadillo removal is a bit of a different process than opossums. Trapping armadillos is a skill that is not easily learned. Their habits are very particular which make catching them only possible for those that are highly knowledgeable on their habits. Armadillos destroy lawns in short periods of time as well as have the ability to dig extremely large tunnels. Handling armadillos is not safe, since they carry leprosy which is very dangerous to humans and pets.

Melbourne Florida is thriving with poisonous reptiles and snakes. We provide snake removal for residents that have venomous snakes that have become too close for comfort. Call or email us if you are in need of snake removal or prevention measures to keep snakes away from your home. We have options for preventative measures that can get rid of snakes once and for all.


Melbourne, FL

Local Melbourne, FL Information

General Area Information

Melbourne is a rich Floridian city, the second largest municipality in its county. This city is very interesting and rich in both its history and its attractions, drawing in a large number of people thanks to its stunning backdrop and wealth of activities. Approximately halfway between Jacksonville and Miami, Melbourne is a key location in Florida.

History of Melbourne

The peninsula upon which Florida lies has a very intriguing prehistoric story, and Melbourne itself is steeped in fascinating history. Mammoth bones have been discovered here, along with evidence for the settlement of Paleo-Indian peoples, including artefacts and spear points. Later in its history, the area was discovered by pioneer families. In fact, Melbourne itself was founded by former slaves in the 1860s. The township was formerly called Crane Creek,’ but its name was changed to Melbourne in honor of its first postmaster, who had spent much of his life in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, the city has continued to expand with exciting new opportunities and establishments being constructed. In 1969, the city of Eau Gallie voted in favor of a merge between the two cities, greatly expanding the modern-day Melbourne.


As is typical in Florida, Melbourne has a subtropical climate, meaning it spends 8+ months with an average temperature of around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also fairly humid, creating an even hotter feeling for its visitors. The weather in Melbourne is usually sunny, with little annual rainfall; what rainfall there is usually arrives at once in thunderstorms, which usually occur between May and October. There has been no record of snow in Melbourne for the last 150 years, which gives a good idea of just how warm this city is.

Arts and Culture

The city plays host to a number of cultural events throughout the year, including the Melbourne Arts Festival (in April), which attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. In addition, there are two events celebrating the culture of the area: The Annual IndiaFest (in February or March), and The Annual India Day (in August).

Local Recreation and Sports

For sports fans, Melbourne is the ideal destination for golf. There are two courses in the city, which bring in significant tourism revenues ($2,207,502 in 2009-10). The area is also perfect for nature-lovers, with over 550 acres of park land. Lake Washington – the largest lake in Brevard County – is a stunning lake that is often visited by tourists, with another popular attraction being the Brevard Zoo, a leader in animal wellness and conservation.