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How do animals get in my home?

There are many ways that nuisance animals get in your home. However, it’s a pretty simple answer to that question. The answer is simple, they get in through a hole or opening. We get many “animals in home” call then all others combined

Unfortunately once animals have breached your home, it’s not as simple as “fill the holes”. When rats, raccoons, bats, etc, decide to make your home, their home, they make sure the rest of the neighborhood animals know it. They leave scent (urine) and pheromone trails once inside.

You could completely eradicate and seal your home with original building materials, and your problem is almost guaranteed to return due to the scents left behind by the previous tenants.

To remove and make sure the nuisance wildlife stays out, we use multiple step processes to guarantee they wont come back. Including copper, galvanized steel, scent removal products, concrete with fiberglass infused, and several other methods I cannot reveal on here due to competitive advantages. But trust me when I say we know how to keep them out!

Examples of how animals get in your home:

Here are just a few examples that we see virtually every day of common entry points, that most times homeowners don’t notice on a daily basis. I challenge you, go outside and take a look at your house after you get done reading this. If you see anything remotely similar to these pics, then you need to call us today, immediately. We will come out and inspect your home for free. If you don’t have any animal problems, then we’ll let you know, and give you a proposal to seal your openings and sanitize so you don’t have to worry in the future.




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