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Why Choose On Point Wildlife Removal? Quality and Pride

We know that you have a few different options when it comes to who to pick to help you solve your nuisance wildlife problems. We’d like the opportunity to earn your business, we still operate like the old days, with quality and pride in our work, you’ll notice it right away.

Who do you want in YOUR home?

Raccoon Trapping

Jerry and some happy customers

  • Before anybody is employed with us, we run a full background and driving records check first. We also randomly drug test during the entire time they are employed with our company.
  • We are fully licensed and insured, both with liability coverage, as well as full workers compensation.
  • Ongoing safety training classes and certifications.
  • GPS fleet tracking.
  • Full safety equipment while on the job.
  • Emergency supplies and “cool-down” kit carried in vehicles at all times.

We take pride in our work.

  • One of our unofficial motto’s that’s commonly repeated among us is “Doing business, the right way”, this was a motto that was instilled by my father to me. It means doing an honest, quality job. And doing it right, for a fair price. This is how we treat every customer, every  time, period.
  • Taking pride in our work isn’t just single layered. While yes, we have a very hot, difficult, and occasionally dirty job. We make every attempt to not track it into your home. Taking extra care to have the cleanest and most professional appearance is of the up most importance to us. We want you to feel comfortable seeing us pull up to your driveway,  and our vehicles are always in top notch condition.
  • Customer orientated, we genuinely like our customers and getting to know them. On a normal account, we will see our clients 5-9 times over two weeks, so we become friends with many of them.

Latest technology.

We use the latest, cutting edge technology, that nobody else in the industry is currently using, while we cant give away all of out techniques, we use things such as..

  • Flir Infrared Video Cameras
  • Night Vision Trail Cams
  • Black Light Urine Tracking
  • And many more.

Our Pricing.

Quality Service

Offering a fair price, and quality work is our mission. We formed our company, by recruiting the industries top guys from Central Florida to form our All Star Team. We guarantee the best quality work, at the best prices. Sometimes our quote is literally hundreds of dollars lower then the competition, sometimes it’s slightly higher. In the case we come in higher, we will beat any (registered) wildlife removal company’s, written quote. As long as the services offered are identical.



Military/Teacher/Police/Fire Department and Senior Discounts.

We will give 10% off to all of the listed above. We look at it as you’ve done a lot for our community and making our country better, so we want to do what we can to return the favor in our own way.


James With a Quality Trapping Job

James With a Quality Trapping Job



Hearing Sounds in the Attic?

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The “On-Point” Method

Why we are the best at removing animals Point 1: Inspection & Identify Issue: Once at the residence we will need to understand the situation. We start by asking some very basic questions to the homeowner, to simply begin to understand what they’ve been experiencing. This is the simplest but best way to start any project. After we’ve been told the back story, we begin […]

Animal Library

  This is where you will find a basic summary for some of the animals we can remove from your property. Each has their own quick description, along with some information to help identify which animal is causing damage to your home! Just Click on the picture of the animal you think you’re having problems with, if unsure, call us at 844-99POINT       […]


We do a TON of different things, and trapping starts at only $189! But because every nuisance situation is unique, it is very hard to pin down a single number. Quite frankly, it is almost unethical to charge one customer with a 2 room cottage, the same high amount as another customer with a 10 bedroom mansion, simply because they both had the same issue […]